Using your Phone to Analyze your Abilities

If you are into sports, you definitely know how important it is to know your own abilities. That can often be done by monitoring or assessing your performance. It’s also the best way for you to find better ways to improve and to make yourself better with the sports you’re in.


However, the main question is, how are you able to analyze your abilities? Is there a tool or a gauge that you can use to make accurate analysis? Or do you have to record your performance by measuring your speed, your strength, your power and all manually? If it would be many decades ago, you might need several people to record your performance. Someone to check out your speed, the time and see if you are doing it properly.

The technology, however, just made a big leap on how athletes are now able to analyze their performance and ability.  It just made everything so easy that you don’t have to take out paper and pen or request other people to take a look at you.

Technology and Sports

It’s pretty obvious how technology made a good impact to sports these days. Everyone now have the access to watch their favorite games, check out the latest about a certain team and even play some simulation games to make them more connected to the sport. The technology also makes it easier for athletes to know their performance, get their own stats in just a few clicks and taps.

The use of smart phones and different sports applications are certainly giving much help to the sporting world. You can find a lot of apps that will give you the option to measure your speed, laps and even the intensity of what you’re doing. Not to forget about having the option to save the data and compare it with the previous records, giving you the chance to if you’re improved or not.

When doing work out routines, for instance, you can just stay at home, take out your phone, start doing your thing and recording your stats. The thebackyardsite can give you better ideas how you can convert your own backyard into a good fitness and training ground. That sounds cheaper and very at home at the same time.

Using your Phone to Analyze

trackWe certainly don’t need to go deeper into the technical side of using your phone to analyze your abilities. Because obviously, you all already know how to use your smart phones more than anyone else. Yet, let’s try to take a look at some of the basic tips on how you can utilize your phone so that you’d have a good idea of your own performance.

First, stats recording. If you have a smart phone, you can check out some of the useful apps that you can download and use to measure your performance. For instance, runners can use apps that will be able to measure their speed, the distance and the time that they spent. It would also give you an instant analysis of your performance. Some apps will also give you comparison between your latest and previous records. Some will also teach you directions when you’re out for a run.

You can even make your phone an instant camera recorder. You can document your performance or the way you play and be able to see and analyze things yourself. There are still a lot of things that you can do with your phone. Check out online for some apps that suits your needs.