Multi-Sport Athletes are Always In the Best Shape

All sports provide exercise for  most parts of the body.  However, not all of them are able to effectively and equally workout every muscle in the body.  Swimming is a very complete exercise that allows you to work on almost every part of your body.  But swimming is a good cardio workout.  What if you want to build muscle, or increase the size of your fannies?  This is why we believe that a multi-sport athlete is always in the best shape.   But what makes these athletes have the best shape?

Higher resistance

Players who play several sports, especially since school years, tend to have a greater resistance and do not wear out as easily as those who specialize in one single sport.   This is because their body is accustomed to the stress caused by a particular activity.  When such activity is repeated in the other sport as something unusual, the multi-sport athlete will demonstrate not breaking too easily.

They bring a little of every sport to the game

There are some skills that these athletes acquire in one sport that he or she can bring to the other one.  Usually, this puts them ahead of the rest of their peers, providing them with an important advantage.  For instance, a person who plays lacrosse will work on sprinting and flexibility, which they would bring to basketball or soccer, proving to be equally effective in that sport but usually overseen.


If there is an athlete that plays more than one sport, he or she has to be flexible enough to bear with different types of coaching. These type of distinctions show maturity and require more skill and patience than one might think.  The ability to adapt to different coaching styles is one of the things that set them apart.

They usually work out most muscles

Every different sport requires different targets for workout.  Sports that require a force with the feet will try to build muscle there.  Sports that rely on arm strength will put special effort there.  That one who swims, will workout during swimming increasing chest resistance, which will prove useful during an intense football game.   Playing basketball works muscles on the core the way soccer would not do it necessarily.  So you see, how complete the exercising and training of a multi-sport athlete has.

Of course, there are other major benefits found in playing different sports.  They teach moral skills by being humble and excelling in one of the sports but not on the other, for instance.

One activity that might complement a multi-sport athlete or will actually work out most muscles in the body is paddling.   Make sure you get good stand-up paddleboards and take friends to workout and have fun.