How filming yourself can help you improve your weight lifting

Have you seen those before/after pictures of yourself? Ok, you obviously have.  If you are fit at the moment, it makes you a bit nostalgic to see where your hard work has taken you.  This is one benefit of taking those “before” pictures.  People do it all the time.  They find this a rewarding experience.

If you are a weightlifter, you are not necessarily seeking self-satisfaction or trying to look super good.  The truth is that trying to snooker dating game with a mirror selfie on your underpants is below you.  Your true aim is to get more efficient at that clean and jerk.  One not-so-novel idea that can help you with this is filming yourself.   You know it does not sound crazy because it is not.  In fact, you have seen amateur weightlifting videos all over social media.  Plus, what do you think gyms have mirrors for? (No, not for the selfie!)

But how can this be beneficial?  After all, it seems like filming your weightlifting and putting it on the ‘gram seems so self-indulgent.  But a bit of self-indulgence might do no harm.   As a matter of fact, a video camera can be considered a very important tool for those who are building their bodies.  Let me tell you why filming yourself can help you improve your weightlifting.

View from all angles

Mirrors in gyms are basically placed there so that you can look at yourself while you work out and try to improve your position to enhance effectiveness.   Now, the mirror has some serious setbacks that you can easily overcome with a video camera.  If you are doing Zumba in front of a mirror, you want to check if your position is the best and if your smile is crispy enough.  However, when you lift, your face is under stress and the last thing you are thinking of is getting the lift done.  You will hardly be able to focus on a mirror.  On the other hand, you will only get to see the front.  Needless to say, when deadlifting, you should mind your back, thighs, and hips, all of which you will not be able to monitor on a mirror.

Going back and forth

Once you have filmed your video, you can easily play it back and forth and, along with your personal trainer Calgary check on the strengths that you must foster and the weak spots that you need to work on.  Plus you get the unique opportunity to check your every move in slow camera.

You can film everything

We actually recommend you filming every single step of your deadlifting, even the warmups.  Again, this will provide the most accurate feedback on your workout and allow you and your trainer to go over every single detail.  How is this not beneficial!?

So go on and get your camera rolling.  You do not need a camera man.  All you need is your cell phone and some tape to put it on a surface.  Good luck with those lifting exercises and techniques.