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Carpal Tunnel Exercises

carpal tunnel

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is a painful condition affecting the wrist and hand, but there are steps you can take to prevent and treat carpal tunnel syndrome. Stretching exercises may help relieve pain and tension to the muscles of your hand caused by repetitive hand movements together with using a brace when needed and necessary. These exercises can help restore body function correctly in your arm and hand muscles. It will also promote relaxation of muscles as well as promote good circulation. Aside from the fact that you can do it on your own, it is also convenient because it will not complicate your working schedule. Here are some carpal tunnel exercises that you may try on; Stretching and Range of Motion.


Stretching can aid in the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome. By doing this, tired muscles will be relaxed. Stretching is easy to do, but some people do it incorrectly. Stretching muscles doesn’t mean that you will do it rigidly; it should be gradual so that you will feel more comfortable. In doing stretching exercises, first extend your arm slowly until comfort takes place. Then with one hand, gently extend the fingers of the other hand as far back as tolerated. The feeling of stretched muscles should be felt from the palm of your hand and your wrist. Hold this stretch for 3 to 5 seconds and then release. Do it again to the other side of your arm. Complete this exercise at least five times with each hand along with the range of motion exercises. It is important to follow the time allotted for stretching exercise to prevent muscle fatigue. 

Range of Motion (ROM)

Another beneficial carpal tunnel exercise is the range of motion. The most important purpose of this exercise is to promote circulation to the affected area. The range of motion exercises will be done after the stretching exercise. The first range of motion exercise that you will perform is the hyperextension-extension-flexion of your palms. To do this, extend your hands with your palms facing the center. With your fingers apart, move your palms upward for hyperextension, the center for an extension, and down for flexion. Do this five times for three to five seconds. This will promote musclerelaxation. Do the same with the other side of your hand.

The second ROM is the opposition. Still, in extending position, use the thumbof the same hand to touch the other fingers individually. Do this for just acouple of second and at least 5 times. This will still promote musclerelaxation and proper circulation. Do this on the other side of your hand. Thelast ROM is clenching of your fist. To do this, you must clench your fisttightly to 3-5 seconds, then release with your fingers straightened up. Do this5 times and repeat it to the other hand.

These are the two types of carpal tunnel exercises that may help to prevent orease carpal tunnel pain and numbness. You can do these during your rest periodsor even while you are on your desk.