Can Video Help Your Weight Lifting Form?

Your weight lifting form is one of the most important aspects of weight training. This is so crucial that even if you take the top ZMA supplement, protein shake or any other enhancers, if your form is wrong, it’ll take you longer to achieve your goal. In addition to that, you are at more risk of getting injured if your form is wrong. That being said, any enthusiasts, body builders, weight lifters, people who undergo weight training and anyone who are interested in fitness and health science knows that studying, learning and knowing the proper form is beneficial for maximum gains.

The Proper Technique

One of the best ways to learn about the proper and correct technique is by watching your friends at the gym. But always remember that what you see is not always the correct one. Improper weight lifting form can lead to sprains, strains, fractures and other injuries which will cause you to stop training for a while instead of continuously growing further.

One of the best ways to make sure that you are in your proper form is to work with a training specialist. They know everything and anything that needs to be done to make sure that you are doing the right thing.

Myths: Debunked

There is no perfect form and no fixed rules about the proper form. Things like the textbook form and similar “standardized” form are not applicable to all kinds of people, just like the training regimen and other programs. There is no “ideal” foot distance, depth and other “standard” form, never believe those kinds of thing. However, we can use them as a starting point and/or a guide to achieve the proper perfect form crafted to us. Just like there are different foot sizes requiring different shoe sizes, there are different overall body structure and composition that requires the correct form and training regimen.

Although you can follow the “standardized” form, it doesn’t mean that you have to copy the distance, length, depth or other fixed measurements that they do. For example, if your friend does deep squatting and it works for him, it doesn’t mean that it works for you too. In fact, ask 10 different trainers about whether deep squatting is bad for your knees or not, you’ll get different answer and opinions and explanations.

The truth is that deep or shallow squat works; you just have to make sure that whenever doing any of the two of them that you are NOT experiencing ANY pain or discomfort at all. Always avoid movements that cause pain.

In addition to that, also avoid movements that work the WRONG muscle group. This is the case when you are in the wrong form or when you thought that you are doing the so called “perfect” form. Yes, you are doing the “perfect” form but you may not be exerting proper amount of intensity to progressively overload.