About XVI

XVI has come along ways. It was originally developed by Dan Adams and Steve John. Dan and Steve were collegiate level players who played together for nearly 7 years. They first met while training with the U-18 US National Team.

After college there love for the game continued. Both had picked up jobs in the sports industry, Dan selling technology for a digital analysis golf company, Steve was working in player development. One day during a chat Steve mentioned that the technology available for his players was inadequate. Sure there was high level applications which ranged between six and seven figures depending on the particular one. But there was nothing that a player who was still trying to make it could get his hands on.

This sparked the idea to build something that was far more accessible to all players of all skill levels. XVI was born. Since then it’s gone through a number of iterations to where it is today. An accessible, high level application that can analyze every position on the field to take players games to the next level.

Bios – Steve

Favorite Baseball Player: Derek Jeter

Favorite Food: Chicken Wings

Favorite Actor: Matt Damon

Favorite Bat: Fastpitch C5

Bios – Dan

Favorite Basell Player: Roberto Alomar

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Actress: Mila Kunis